Posted on November 19, 2015

A Spooktacular Day at Tucson College

Halloween is always a fun time at Tucson College.

Each year we do some sort of Halloween contest to get the students, staff, and faculty into the spirit. Last year it was a door/hallway decorating contest and this year it was a pumpkin carving contest. Each program was given two pumpkins—one for morning classes and one for evening classes. The submissions were great on so many levels. From the Pharmacy Technicians’ overdosing pumpkin to the Medical Assistants’ spiked pumpkin, the competition was fierce.

Congratulations to the morning Pharmacy Technician class for their award winning pumpkin. Two years in a row. It is time for someone to try and remove from the top.

During the Halloween celebration on campus Tucson College’s Chief Operating Officer, Bill Nance, the Senior Director of Centralized Financial Services, Tony Comstock, and the Regional Director of Admissions, Lance Longacre decided to come down for a visit. Longacre and Comstock have been down here before, but this was Nance’s first trip to Tucson College and we showed him what Tucson College is all about.

It was another great Halloween at Tucson College. We cannot wait to see what everyone does next year.