Posted on November 24, 2015

A Spotlight On PM Patient Care Technician

If you work at or attend Tucson College you will undoubtedly be asked to be a human guinea pig for Patient Care Technicians at some point. They take your vitals, they check your blood pressure, and they even take your blood. It is rewarding watching how nervous they are when they start to learn these skills, but by the time they are done they are finding veins like it is nothing. This month’s program spotlight is the PM Patient Care Technician class.

I asked the students how they like their program so far. “The program is great. All of my teachers have been awesome and have helped,” said Alexis Lujan. Mira Vega and Alena Puente enjoy the hands on learning of the program. When asked why they chose this program each student had a different answer, but most had the same eventual goal, becoming a registered nurse. “I wanted to learn everything that is included in the program, such as becoming a CNA and phlebotomy. It felt like it was the perfect stepping stone,” said Mariah Guerrero.

Jenna Orozco added, “I want to eventually be a pediatric nurse and this is my stepping stone.” Vic Mistretta hopes that this program will eventually help lead to a job as a phlebotomist.

Some students, such as Vanessa Salazar, chose this program because of the fearless leadership of the instructors at Tucson College. “Kim [Chaffee] and Robin [Keller] really influenced my decision for choosing PCT. They helped me realize that it would be my foot in the door at a hospital.” Hayley King agreed. “Robin is an amazing instructor and is helping me achieve my goals. She has gone above and beyond.” Keller has only been teaching at Tucson College for six months, but she is already changing the lives of her students.

“The best part for me as an instructor is when I’m teaching something and the student gets it...seeing them learn and grow is the best part,” said Keller. She went on to explain why this program is so enjoyable for her to teach. “It allows the students to learn a wide variety of skills, which in turn getds them the best possibility of a successful and fulfilling career.”

The PCT students are excited for their future and where their experience and degree from Tucson College will take them. “I’m excited about where my career is going to take me,” explained Zenaida Santa Cruz. Ellie Valencia reiterated this sentiment. “I’m excited to start working on the career path I have chosen to pursue.” According to Crystal Valenzuela, “Tucson College has the best PCT program. The teachers are the best.”

Keller argues that her class and program are the best. “The PCT program is the best program at TC because well...PCT!” Congratulations to the PM PCTs for being selected as the spotlight.