Posted on March 11, 2016

Classroom Spotlight:The New GS 101—Career Development 

All Allied Health students go through the same class their first mod in school, GS101—Career Development. It does not matter what program they are in, Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, Medical Billing and Coding, Computer Applications Specialist, or Pharmacy Technician, every student takes this first class together before they break off into their respective programs.

This beginning course examines issues relevant to an individual’s professional success. During this class students discuss motivation, self-esteem, goal setting, time management, health and stress, communication, family, and employment. It is during this course that students begin their professional portfolios, which include resumes, references, personal and professional goals, and a mission statement.

GS 101 prepares students for the rest of their time at Tucson College. Not only does this class give students the tools they will need as they go through their programs, it also gives them that very important first stepping stone into school. It does not matter if a student is entering school for the first time right out of high school or if he or she is returning to school after ten or fifteen years, starting something new is scary and anxiety inducing.

GS 101 helps students get past their fears. “I enjoy the family like atmosphere. My favorite part is giving the students a different look on things; how to solve problems, build self esteem, and how to present themselves with confidence and professionalism,” said Raul Miranda, Tucson College’s GS101 instructor. Miranda is a big part of why this course is so successful and why many students say it was one of their favorite modules during their time at Tucson College. “Raul makes learning fun and I love waking up and coming to school,” said Kayla Nelson. Malena Trujillo added, “I absolutely love it [the class so far], and I love my teachers.” Briana Howard agreed with this sentiment. “This class is very welcoming and very useful.” One thing Miranda does in his class is create excitement for the future among his students. “I’m excited about learning everything I need to learn here at Tucson College,” explained Nelson.

There have recently been some changes made to how this course is run. There are now more resources available to students, like a resume builder and online videos and tutorials.

With every new group of students who enter Tucson College, Miranda and TC’s academic team are continually brainstorming and implementing new facets to this course to make it as useful and beneficial as possible. 

Written By: Teresa Shami