Employee Spotlight:  Brian Dodge

Fin. Serv. Rep - Brian Dodge.jpgThis month’s employee spotlight is being shone on Senior Financial Services Officer, Brian Dodge. Many of you know Dodge as the one you give your money to and you are not wrong. He is the one who processes student payments and gives you your textbooks and uniforms in the bookstore. However, he does much more than this behind the scenes.

Dodge has been at Tucson College for over two and a half years. He began in the admissions department as an admissions representative in November 2013, but it was not long before he jump over to the financial side of things and became the Business Manager/ Financial Services Officer. He was promoted to Senior Financial Services Officers and head of Financial Services on the ground last year. Dodge graduated from the University of Arizona with his bachelor’s in business. Before he made his way to academia, he did retail management for various companies. When asked why he chose Tucson College, Dodge said because of the students. “Our students are the reason we are here. Our jobs exist for the sole purpose of helping them attain their goals,” explained Dodge.

Dodge is not only responsible for taking your money and giving you supplies. He is in charge of purchasing and order for the entire campus . He works with TC’s veteran students to make sure their GI Bill funding gets put through correctly. He is also your financial aid resource on campus. If you have questions about your funding plans, your loans, your payments, or anything of that nature do not hesitate to stop by his office. Dodge does a lot for this campus and school as a whole that goes unnoticed because his work is done in the background, but without him our campus would be wanting for almost everything. It is for this reason why we are honored to name him the employee spotlight for June.