Posted on March 14, 2016

Employee Spotlight:  Raul Miranda

This month’s employee spotlight is being shone on the GS 101 instructor and student services associate, Raul Miranda.

Miranda has a unique position here at Tucson College because he works with almost every student who walks through those front doors. Electrical students may not have Miranda in the classroom, but they all know who he is and that if they ever need help with anything he is one of the first people they should see.

Miranda plays a very distinct role in the Allied Health programs. Every Allied Health student, with the exclusion of Certified Nursing Assistants, has Miranda as their very first instructor at Tucson College. It is his job not just to help them with career development, but to also introduce them to TC, to help them get used to being in school, and to prepare them for the rest of their time at Tucson College. He is the first stepping stone to these students’ success.

Miranda knows Tucson College in and out. He has been an employee here for five years and he has worked in almost every position imaginable. He began working as maintenance on campus, then he became an administrative assistant, then student services associate, and finally instructor. Tucson College was not part of his plan, however.

“I started working as a carpenter nineteen years ago. I thought I would do that job forever. It turned out time caught up with me though. I had arthritis in my hip and could no longer work in the field,” explained Miranda. It was at this point Miranda decided to return to school to get his bachelor’s degree in project management.

“I was not planning on staying long [at Tucson College], but I found a new calling here.” Whenever I do a spotlight on an employee or student I always ask them for an anecdote or if there is something he or she wants to share. What Miranda shared with me and now all of you explains his thought process and how he runs he class to a T.

“Always do a good job at work. Date your spouse often. Love your children. Take some time out for yourself. Stay positive. Can’t means won’t.” If you are struggling keep those words in mind and know that if you ever need help developing your professional skills or if you need someone’s advice or just someone to talk to you, Miranda’s door is really always open.