Posted on May 17, 2016

Faculty Spotlight: Cyndi Oliver 

Cynthia.jpgThis month’s employee spotlight shines on someone who may get lost in the shuffle, but without whom this campus would not run—Cyndi Oliver, medical lab assistant. Oliver does at least ten times more than what you think she does. She has only been a Tucson College employee for sixteen months, but it feels like much longer because she knows what she is doing and she has the Megalab running as smoothly as can be.

Oliver brought over forty years of experience in the medical field with her to Tucson College. She has been a certified nursing assistant, a patient care technician, a nurse technician, a phlebotomist, a medical assistant, and an emergency technician, to just name a few. Oliver has had many different titles and positions, but she says that her current position is the best. “This is the first job I can say I look forward to going to everyday. The staff is top notch. No matter what I need or what questions I may have, someone is always willing to help me,” she stated. Oliver’s coworkers feel the same about her. Kimberly Chaffee, the medical assistant program director, nominated Oliver for this month because of everything she does for the students, faculty, staff, and school as a whole. 

It may seem that Oliver only works in the lab, which is an important job in itself, but she does so much more. She makes sure all of the medical supplies are ordered for the entire campus. She communicates with instructors about what they plan on doing in their classes each day and she makes sure their classrooms are stocked with the supplies they will need. She manages the OSHA regulations for the campus and makes sure everything is safe for the students. She goes out of her way to pick up supplies companies want to donate to the school. She organizes the on campus blood drives for the American Red Cross. “She is doing an exemplary job. Cyndi goes above and beyond for the betterment of the school as a whole,” said Gina Williams, CNA/PCT program director. 

All of the hard work Oliver puts in is for one purpose, to provide students with the best training possible. “My experience with the students has been very positive. To see these young people go from just starting out and unsure of their skills to becoming these confident knowledgeable caregivers…I am like a proud mom,” gushed Oliver. When asked if there was anything she wanted to say or an anecdote she wanted to give, Oliver gave her favorite saying by Sierra Marie Ernest. “I know how cruelty feels, which is why I choose the path of kindness.” Oliver lives by that saying every day. It is safe to say that Tucson College as a whole would be lost without Oliver. That is why we here at the Tucson College Times are very excited and honored to name Oliver as the employee spotlight for May. 

Written by: Teresa Shami