Pharmacy Technician Program Is Fast Becoming The Most Popular

There is a rumor going around Tucson College that the morning Pharmacy Technician program has more fun than anyone else. After talking to them and spending some time with the class, I have to admit, the rumors are true. Debra Golden, the AM Pharmacy instructor, Pharmacy Program Director, and Externship Coordinator, makes sure that her class has fun as they learn. “We always have a great time and we get to do a lot of interesting things,” said Golden. There has been some friendly accusations that Golden tends to poach students from other programs, but all she does is show them what they do in and outside the classroom. For some students it allows them to see another side of the program, one they would not have seen otherwise. “I originally signed up for the MA (Medical Assistant) class, but after Deb and her class came into GS101 and explained what her class does I was sold on switching to the PT program,” stated Farah Dudoit. A lot of students tend to veer away from the Pharmacy Technician program because they hear that there is a lot of math involved. However, once they are in the class they realize their fears were unwarranted. “It’s hard in the beginning , but with time it gets easier,” explained Mireya Yescas. Golden confidently stated that she can “teach math to anyone even the homeless guy down the street.”

Golden was a pharmacy technician in the United States Air Force (USAF) for eight years and she taught the USAF pharmacy technician program from two years. She brings her real life experience into the class room , which allows her students to get a more comprehensive education. Golden and her class go on many field trips throughout the program. From the University of Arizona’s College of Pharmacy to Walgreens, Golden shows her class the different careers and job opportunities available to them when they graduate. “I’m excited about the many opportunities I can take advantage of and the many areas I can work in within the pharmacy,” said Junior Colores. Many students get excited for the IV module where they learn how to make IVs and the compounding module where they make ChapStick and hand sanitizer. I am very happy that we chose this class as our Classroom Spotlight because I had a great time getting to know them and I learned a great deal. “I’m lucky enough to always have a great group of students, who are motivated to learn,” said Golden.