Posted on May 12, 2016

Student Spotlight—Jessica Guerrero, Klay Hough, Chris Benson

This month’s student spotlight is a little different, instead of selecting one extraordinary student to shine a spotlight on we selected three—Jessica Guerrero, Chris Benson, and Klay Hough. You may be asking why we selected all three of them. Well they are a package deal. Every new start we watch the incoming students and we see how they interact with one another and these three formed a strong bond in their very first mod.

Tucson 3.jpgA few years back, there was a group of electrical students who started together, progressed through the entire program together, and graduated together all with honors and exemplary attendance. Since that group of students we have been waiting for another. It seems like we may have found them. These three students have been together since Electrical 101. They are one mod away from finishing and they are still going strong. When asked how they are getting through the program, Hough said, “by showing up every day.” Not only do they show up for class, but they are mentally present. According to them, they are trying to better themselves. When asked why they chose Tucson College they all had similar reasons. They wanted to begin their careers. “I wanted to advance my career through higher education and Tucson College will allow me to do that,” stated Benson.

From watching these three students it is not hard to understand why they have formed such a tight bond. They help one another. They will not let one another fail. They support one another. “I had difficulties at first, but my classmates helped me out,” explained Guerrero. They were each asked what they want people to know about them, about their time here, about anything and here is what they had to say. Benson: ”I work as hard as my body lets me. I am just trying to find more to life than just the daily grind.” Hough: ”I want to be successful.” Guerrero: ”I will help a new student anytime they need it, I am going to question things. I like a challenge.”

I am so excited to shine a spotlight on these students. They work extremely hard to succeed and they work together. If one of them fails, they all fail. If one of them succeeds, they all succeed. 

Written by: Teresa Shami