Posted on January 20, 2016

Thinking About Going to College or Changing Your Career? Here Are Nine Secrets To Stay Motivated

Perhaps the biggest secret to self-motivation is that all motivation is self-motivation. No one else can motivate you. The irony though is that while no one can motivate you they can distract you from your own motivational process. To avoid distraction, you need to surround yourself with people who encourage and support your motivational process and there is no time to do such as in the new year.

Here are nine secrets to stay motivated that will help you keep the plans, resolutions, and goals you have set for 2016.

  1. When You Make A Plan, Anticipate Bumps: Nothing comes easily. Do not allow yourself to lose focus when you hit bumps in the road. Expect these bumps and deal with them accordingly.
  2. Channel The Little Engine that Could. No, really: When we were kids we all heard the story of the little engine that could. It taught us about perseverance and how to believe in one’s self. A person’s drive is based on what he or she believes his or her abilities are.
  3. Don’t Go Wild With Your Goals: Be realistic. Stretch, but do not overreach. If you are too ambitious you are going to burn yourself out and not achieve anything.
  4. Go Public: Tell people about your goals and plans. They can hold you accountable and they can support you. This is especially important when attending college and even more so when attending college as an adult learner. If you make your intentions public you can enlist accountability partners, supporters, and other people who ultimately become your personal cheering section.
  5. Lean On Your Support Team! By going public you will create a support system for yourself that will be there for you when you are struggling and need help. Use them!
  6. Make Yourself A Priority: Put your needs first sometimes. It is going to feel like you are being selfish, but you need to take care of yourself in order to be of any use to others.
  7. Change Things Up: Doing the same thing everyday can become mundane. You need to challenge yourself.
  8. Continue To Learn: To keep yourself motivated, focus on enjoying the road to reaching your goal and the things you learn along the way.
  9. Remember Why You Set This Goal In The First Place: Do not lose focus on the real reason you decided on this goal and what it means to you.