Quality Career Training in One Fun, Convenient Location

We are no longer enrolling for this campus. Please see online options offered via Miller-Motte College.

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If you’re looking for a college in Tucson, Arizona that provides substantial career training, look no further than Tucson College.

Since 1959 we have understood the impact a career-focused education can have on the lives of our students. That’s why we’ve built relationships with local businesses and tailored our programs to teach the skills employers are looking for. When you graduate from Tucson College, you’ll have the knowledge and the work experience to wow hiring managers and be successful in your new job.

We also have specialized facilities for each of our programs. In those facilities, students can gain experience using common industry tools and working in environments similar to ones they will be exposed to in their new career. That is where our students get the hands-on learning experience that separates our programs from the rest. We also have a great student lounge, spacious student collaboration areas, computer labs, and a library and resource center. We provide everything you need to learn in a fun, active and social place.

The hallmarks of our school are individualized attention, Flexible Program Options and Lifetime Career Assistance. That’s right, Lifetime Assistance. That means that even after you graduate you are still part of the Tucson family and can return any time for help with your career. Our staff of qualified instructors works hard everyday to make sure each student gets the support they need to be successful.

Not only will you get a great education, but you’ll enjoy yourself on our 40,945 square foot, fully air-conditioned campus. The campus is conveniently located in eastern Tucson, directly across from several restaurants and just a four minute drive from Park Place Mall, so you’ll have lunch options and places to hang out with fellow students. After class, catch a movie at Century Park Place or grab a quick bite in one of the nearby restaurants. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll have plenty of options in this vibrant and fun neighborhood.

The Campus is located near the corner of Broadway and Rosemont Blvd. It’s easily accessible by public transportation and has loads of parking if you prefer to drive. More information is available on our Directions & Transportation page.

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