Helping Your Students Transition from High School to College

Why should you send a high school graduate to Tucson College? Simply put, we know what employers are looking for and tailor our career programs to match it. We help students find the career that's the best fit and provide the necessary support and education to make it happen.

The Tucson Difference

At Tucson College, we believe in a combination of classroom education and hands-on, practical experience. That’s why many of our programs offer unique hands-on learning opportunities in the form of lab courses, externships, and practicums. This approach to learning encourages students to both learn and apply their knowledge, which is just one of the many reasons our graduates are employment-ready.

For more information about how you can help your students continue their education, give us a call us at 866.882.2586.

Help Them Find the Right Career

Help your students find the right career path. Encourage them to schedule a visit to our campus and take advantage of a career assessment tool called the Personality Profile: Understanding Yourself and Others. This analysis can help students define their personality traits, gain a better understanding of themselves and choose the career that best suits them. You can contact your Tucson College High School Representative about scheduling this free analysis and even take it yourself to learn more.

The Graduate Placement Strategy

At Tucson College, the learning and support doesn’t stop when the career training ends. Before and after graduation we work with students to prepare them for the workforce. We help our students write compelling résumés and develop their own Career Portfolio, giving them the tools to find a position that is in-.line with their career goals. They will compile work samples, awards, letters of recommendation, and important achievements—something concrete they can show future employers.

Lifetime Career Assistance

All of our graduates have access to Lifetime Career Assistance. Our team of trained professionals help students update résumés, perform mock interviews, and provide job leads to any graduate looking for career help. Our Career Services team also hosts Career Readiness workshops. And students have the opportunity to take refresher courses to get up-to-date on industry trends in their field.

We understand that graduates may require job placement assistance even after completing our training programs, which is why you can feel comfortable referring your students to Tucson College.

Transfer Credits

Our programs are also great for students working to enter four year colleges and universities in the future. Many Tucson College graduates have gone on to earn their bachelor’s degrees. While some credits transfer to four-year colleges and universities, the decision to transfer credits rests entirely with their choice college or university.

Want More Information?

We know that Tucson College isn’t your only option for technical schools in Arizona, but we know we can be the right choice and fit for your students.

We have a team of professionals waiting to answer your questions about how we can best help your students succeed. If you have questions about our programs, our Graduate Placement Strategy, our Lifetime Career Services, or our financial aid options, call us at 866.882.2586 or fill out the form to request more information and schedule a High School Representative to come to your school.

*Financial aid is available to those who quality.