Our Career Services and Placement Assistance

Receiving the knowledge and training you need to succeed is only part of the journey at Tucson College. We are happy to introduce our Graduate Placement Strategy (GPS), which is your personal guide from classroom to career. This proven process begins the moment you enroll, getting you started on the right career path. From there, just like a GPS in your car or on your phone, we will help guide you through your program and offer career placement assistance to help you reach your goals. 

New Student Orientation

Before you begin class, you will be invited to attend a New Student Orientation. Here you will meet your future teachers and other faculty members, other new students and hear alumni success stories. 

Meeting other students in your program will allow you to begin the cooperative learning process immediately. At the New Student Orientation, you will start forging friendships with your classmates, forming a learning community. Together you can learn and work together as you prepare for your futures. 


One of the key features of Tucson College’s programs is the opportunity for hands-on experience. A externship is the part of your study where you get to put the principles you’ve learned into practice in an off-campus workplace.

We’ve spent years finding, building, and cultivating relationships with local businesses in order to provide you with these unique hands-on learning opportunities. Not only will you begin putting your knowledge into practice, but you will simultaneously be creating your own network of professional contacts. 

Externships are not available in every program.

Career Portfolio

Throughout your educational experience at Tucson College, you will continually compile materials for your Career Portfolio. This collection of documents includes samples of your work, important achievements, letters of recommendation and awards showcasing your skills. 

A Career Portfolio is a valuable tool to have when you enter the job market. This collection will show employers the value you bring to their business. Our Career Services team knows what potential employers look for in a new employee and will be with you every step of the way as you compile your portfolio

Career Readiness Workshops

Being prepared for a job is much more than just knowing which tasks are required and how to complete them. We provide Career Readiness workshops throughout the year that will prepare you to enter the workforce as a valuable employee. Some past workshops topics include: résumé writing, interview skills and dressing for success. 

Not only will you receive coaching on how to do well and what to wear in an interview, but we will hold mock interviews with you as well. Nothing beats practice in a low-risk environment that will empower you to succeed in the real interview. 

It Doesn’t End When You Graduate

All of these resources are at your fingertips when you are a student and after you graduate. If you need to come to a Career Readiness Workshop to prepare for an interview for a promotion, to update your résumé, or to get advice on entering a new work environment, you can use Tucson College’s Lifetime Career Assistance

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of Tucson College’s innovative placement assistance is the ability to sit in on classes for a refresher. Whether you are up for promotion or assigned a job duty you haven’t had in a while, you may attend our classes throughout the lifetime of your career. 

Get Started Today!

If you have questions about our placement assistance program or how you can get started today, call us at 866.882.2586 or request additional information here.