Lifetime Career Assistance: An Investment in Your Future

At Tucson College, we know that graduation is only the first step in making your dream career a reality. We developed the Lifetime Career Assistance program to serve as a resource for our students, even after they’ve graduated.

From classroom to career, we offer you the tools you need to succeed in your job field. We offer a variety of resources for you to use while in school and after you graduate.

  • Externships: Having the knowledge you need to be competent in your field is one thing, but actually using it is another. Our externships let you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom in a low-risk real-world environment.
  • Our Academic Approach: At Tucson College, we understand that not everyone learns in the same way. We’ve designed our programs to accommodate different learning styles, giving you the best educational experience possible.
  • Career Services: Our Graduate Placement Strategy is your personal GPS from your time in the classroom to your career. You will be guided every step of the way from New Student Orientation to Career Readiness Workshops where you will learn about résumés and interviews.
  • Alumni Services: We’ve spent decades building a professional network. As an alum, you will be able to meet people who will help you get even further in your career.
  • Community Outreach: Education doesn’t only happen in the classroom or in the workplace. In addition to our professional network, we’ve built strong ties with the community.

Externships are not available in every program.

It Doesn’t Stop after Graduation

Here are just some of the services our graduates have access to after graduation:

  • Résumé Updates
    Not only will we help you create a résumé for when you hit the job market, but we will help you keep it updated with both your experience and the latest trends for résumé writing.
  • Mock Interviews
    Some people think only the first few interviews make you nervous; however, they can be just as intimidating after you’ve accumulated years of experience. With the Lifetime Career Services, you can take advantage of our interviewing experience by practicing before you go in for the real thing.
  • Job Leads
    As we mentioned before, we’ve spent years creating professional relationships with local businesses. What does that mean for you? After you graduate, we will be able to help you network with all of those businesses, strengthening your opportunity for a new start and a new career.
  • Career Readiness Workshops
    At Tucson College, we want to prepare you in every way possible to succeed. Part of that process includes our Career Readiness Workshops where we cover several different topics that will empower you as you begin looking for your new job.
  • Refresher Courses
    As each industry grows, so does the technology and the practices of each field. This is why we allow our graduates to audit courses they have taken in the past to keep up with the trends of the field.

Whether you are just beginning one of our programs or you are one of our many graduates, we want to help you succeed. Our Lifetime Career Assistance will help you navigate from the classroom to your career and beyond. For more information, please call us at 866.882.2586.