Why Choose Tucson College’s Technical Training Programs?

There are other technical training programs in Arizona, so why should you choose Tucson College?

Students choose Tucson because we understand what employers are looking for, and we created our programs to teach the skills that are in demand. We’ve spent years building relationships with local businesses to get a greater understanding of what they’re looking for in a job candidate and these relationships have paid off. Many local businesses come to Tucson first to fill job openings.

The Tucson Difference

Our technical training programs combine education, hands-on training and practical work experience. With our lab courses, externships and practicums, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply your knowledge to real work situations. We developed our programs with several types of hands-on learning opportunities because we understand that employers aren’t just looking for knowledge, they want to know that you have the practical experience necessary to succeed in the role.

Our Graduate Placement Strategy

Whether you decide to pursue healthcare career training or solar panel installation, you will have the knowledge and support of our Graduate Placement Strategy (GPS) team at your fingertips. The GPS is a proven process guiding each student towards the right career position with the right employer. It covers your journey from our classrooms to your new career.

Our GPS starts at the New Student Orientation. Here you will be able to meet key staff members who will help and support you during your time at Tucson College. When classes begin and throughout your time here at Tucson College, our Career Services team will help you develop a Career Portfolio to show to potential employers, which includes the following:

  • A collection of your work samples
  • Important achievements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Awards

At the end of your training, they will continue to work with you to find a job position in line with your career goals.

It Doesn’t Stop after Graduation

Other technical schools in Arizona may offer similar career programs and incentives, but we don’t stop there. Tucson College will be available to help you even after you graduate. From the moment you enroll and throughout your entire career, we offer Lifetime Career Assistance and our staff is ready and willing to help.

Whether you’re a current student, just graduating from one of our programs, or five years into your career, our Lifetime Career Assistance will help you to get the job you’ve been looking for. We offer several services for you to use whenever you need them. Learn more about Lifetime Career Assistance.

Want More Information?

Are you ready to start a new career? If you are ready to begin one of our technical training programs, call us at 866.882.2586 or click here to request more information online.