Building Confidence and Careers since 1959

Tucson College’s roots began in 1959 as the Western Technical College. Immediately, we invested our time and energy into helping students build their confidence, empowering them to find lifelong careers in the industry.

In 1963, ownership of Western Technical College was transferred to Carl Durham and eight years later the name was changed to Durham Business College. In 1977, we became Tucson College of Business, but after expanding our programs to include healthcare industry training, we saw the need to make one more change. In 1993, we officially became Tucson College.

Despite a few name changes, our mission has been the same: we want to prepare students for career-focused employment by delivering relevant career training. Using over five decades of experience, we have refined our education and training practices to prepare thousands of students for their new careers.

We want to promote a learning environment that allows students the ability to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life work experience. With our externships (not available in every program) and qualified instructors, our graduates leave prepared to succeed. Even after graduation, we will help you become gainfully employed in your chosen field. We created our programs with your needs in mind.

Are you ready to join the ranks of other successful graduates? Only one thing remains: will you let us help you?